Music Producers & Recording Studios in Coronavirus (Covid-19) Days

I will keep this blog post short and to the point.
These are confusing times for all of us, no one really knows how tomorrow’s going to look like, but one thing us musicians know for sure – nothing will stop us from creating music.

In times like these, recording studios and music producers, like a lot of other businesses out there,  are getting less and less work, not only because of the fear of the Corona-virus, but also because a lot of us feel uncertainty about our financial future.

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Artists producing music in their home recording studio.

How To Work With A Music Producer In The Studio As A New Artist

New artists in particular often come into my recording studio without an established sound. They haven’t identified the vibe they want to achieve for themselves as artists and will sometimes reference other artists that have an unrealistically different style than what would work for their particular voice. Because of that, I tend to suggest a different workflow for those artists than I would for artists with a viable sound.  With these newer, more inexperienced artists, generally he/she or their manager will reach out inquiring about pricing per track. They want to either work on a song they previous wrote, or they want to write to a beat either by themselves, or together with me and/or another songwriter.
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Vintage metronome

How BPM and Key Changes Can Save Your Track’s Music Production

The title says it all. I’ll start with a short story, 10 years ago I was asked to create a song for a TV show in Tel Aviv. After sending the song back to the network the response
I got back was “we like it, but something doesn’t feel right.” There’s not a lot you can do with comment like that, but I had the same feeling before I sent the song and couldn’t put my finger on the issue.

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popular DJ working in radio broadcasting studio or music producer working in recording studio

The Difference Between a Music Producer, Recording Engineer, and a Mix Engineer

I’m writing on this topic because often when new artists come into a studio setting for the first time, they’re confused about the differences between music producers and engineers. It’s essential that artists know the difference between the two so that they can manage expectations and know the right questions to ask when calling a studio or producer. Artists also don’t want to be in the position to waste time or money, or worse, not get the result they are after.

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Hamster and Mia Mormino Releases “I Can’t Be Drowned”

“I Can’t Be Drowned” is a dynamic anthem that empowers the listener to stand up for themselves, to not let anyone take what is rightfully theirs. Featuring powerful, forceful vocals by Mia Mormino, “I Can’t Be Drowned” is sung with the type of fury that’s relatable to anyone that’s faces obstacles head-on. Hamster’s style of dexterous, cinematic production adds strength to Mia’s resolve. Indie-electro beats compliment Mia’s melodic vulnerability as she finds her inner determination and power.

“Can’t Be Drowned” was produced recorded and mixed by LA music producer Raz Klinghoffer




Hamster and Wit Blu Release “Rose Bouquet”

Although he appeared in the LA music scene in 2016, Hamster has been bubbling up in the music industry for nearly a decade as a respected producer. Hamster’s songs are an organic, groovy mixture of experimental electronic, indie and pop genres overlayed with gorgeous vocals. Hamster’s debut music video, “City Limits,” went viral, peaking at #8 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart (#46 globally) with over 1.4 million views on YouTube. His last single, “Invincible,” was heavily supported by Spotify including landing on the following official curated lists: New Music Friday Norway, Hits Don’t Lie, New Music Friday Denmark, Uuden Musiikin Lista (NMF Finland), New Music Friday Canada, and New Music Now.

Hamster has also received 14K+ Shazams from his recent TV placements (Netflix ‘Insatiable’, NBC’s ‘Shades of Blue’) and was also recently featured on Apple Music’s “Best of the Week” playlist.

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