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Raz Klinghoffer - Music Producer Los Angeles

Raz Klinghoffer offers Music Production services from his recording studio in Los Angeles.

Walk into Raz’s recording studio in Los Angeles with nothing more than an idea and walk out with an immaculately recorded, produced, mixed and mastered radio ready song. Raz can do everything needed in house from pre-production, composition through to beat-making, music production, arranging to vocal tuning as well as typical recording studio services such as mixing and mastering.

A top-notch Recording Studio in Los Angeles is available to you at affordable prices.

Raz Klinghoffer recording studio la

With his 16+ years of experience writing and producing music, creating custom beats and working with high caliber artists from around the world, you can be sure Raz has the skills, knowledge and equipment to make your music sound incredible.

The studio contains an awesome selection of premium quality mics and preamps to choose from. The soundproof recording studio is acoustically treated with fiberglass acoustic panels and bass traps to pristinely capture all tracks recorded there.

Custom Music Production

Raz works with you to create custom, complete and unique, radio ready songs from scratch resulting in high quality music ready to send out to record labels.

Project Stems & Files

Separately rendered stems of the main busses of the mixed down project. Project files are cleaned up, stripped from any unused content and conveniently colored for better understanding of how everything works.

Audio Engineering & Mastering

Raz can mix and master your tracks, making them sound bigger, fuller, wider and overall more pleasant to listen to. He can take your tracks to the next level, making them sound professional and ready for the world to hear!

Additional Collaborators

If additional collaborators or performers are needed Raz works with a large number of talented singers, musicians and songwriters.

Complete Vocal Production

This includes recording, editing, tuning and mixing of the vocal track. Raz manually checks and adjusts the pitch of every single note by ear to be perfectly in tune.

Custom Hip Hop Beats

Raz makes unique, one of a kind custom hip-hop beats/instrumentals from scratch to help you stand out from a crowded field of artists all using similar stock beats.

Recording Studio FAQs:

Raz Klinghoffer’s Recording Studio specializes in top-notch, radio-friendly, music production in a wide variety of genres and styles such as:
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Custom Music Production

Your music deserves top-notch music production and this is exactly what Raz provides. Check out some examples of Raz's recent mixes and productions at the link below.

Music Production Info
Beats and Instrumentals by Raz Klinghoffer Los Angeles CA

Beats & Instrumentals

Raz specializes in building custom beats and instrumentals in pretty much any genre – Pop, EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Indie etc. reference tracks or from scratch.

More Info

Contact Raz for more info about his Recording Studio in Los Angeles.

Raz is an old-school producer who see’s the song all the way through to the end. From the beat/instrumental, through to the vocal performance, mixing and mastering. Raz is quite versatile in styles but he specializes in producing modern genres of music.