Hamster and Mia Mormino Releases “I Can’t Be Drowned”

Hamster and Mia Mormino Releases “I Can't Be Drowned”

“I Can’t Be Drowned” is a dynamic anthem that empowers the listener to stand up for themselves, to not let anyone take what is rightfully theirs. Featuring powerful, forceful vocals by Mia Mormino, “I Can’t Be Drowned” is sung with the type of fury that’s relatable to anyone that’s faces obstacles head-on. Hamster’s style of dexterous, cinematic production adds strength to Mia’s resolve. Indie-electro beats compliment Mia’s melodic vulnerability as she finds her inner determination and power.

“Can’t Be Drowned” was produced recorded and mixed by LA music producer Raz Klinghoffer



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