Create Your Custom Beat special 2018 price $600

We are now offering a special 2018 price for creating a unique beat \ instrumental, we specialize in building beats from reference tracks customers send us, the beat will sound in the ballpark of your reference, but not the same and will be your own. We can create a beat in pretty much any genre – Pop, EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Metal, Indie etc.

You can decide to attend the session (if you are around, we are located in Los Angeles) and we build the beat together, or you can do it online.

The beat would be fully mixed and ready for vocals.
Note that the price is only for the beat with no vocals \ toplines.

You can listen to previous beats that were sold here:

(Note that all beats on the playlist below  have been licensed and copyrighted to other artists \ customers, we create new and unique beats.)

You can listen to our full production here: